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Liturgical Season
Liturgical Week
Scripture Text
Gist of Scripture
Processional Hymn
Call to Worship
Greeting Hymn
Prayer for Understanding Unison: Lord, Lord, open unto us light for our darkness, courage for our fear, hope for our despair.

Lord, Lord, open unto us peace for our turmoil, joy for our sorrow, strength for our weakness. Lord, Lord, open our hearts to receive all your gifts. Amen.

Scripture Reading
Children’s Message
Hymn/Choral Anthem:
Sermon Title:
Prayers of the People:
Doxology 95
Prayer of Dedication All that we have, all that we give, becomes the prayer through which we live. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. Amen.
Great Thanksgiving Setting:
Recessional Hymn: