July 25, 2021

Special Sunday?
Call to Worship:L: Come and let us drink in this refreshing new day!
P: Yes, this new moment our Creator has fashioned in loving kindness!
L: A day brimming with the hope that comes from Jesus Christ, who rescued our spirits from fear of death.
ALL: So we may sing and praise God through every breath we breathe in God’s Holy Spirit! Let us offer God worship and gratitude with attentive hearts this hour. Amen.
Opening Hymn:188 Christ is the World’s Light
Prayer for UnderstandingGod of the wind and the wave, like the disciples long ago, we sometimes freeze in fear and can then fail to fully understand. We need the calming assurance from the Word, your son, Jesus Christ. Lend your soothing voice to these next moments. Help us to drink in your refreshing good news. Amen.
Scripture Reading:John 6:1-21
Children’s Message
Hymn:#2171 Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
Meditation:Bread & Water
Prayers of the People
Blessing of GiftsRefreshing and rejuvenating Giver of all gifts, we offer back to you a token of our gratitude for the life of this community. May they be used to inspire hearts and awaken minds to your love. Amen.
Recessional Hymn:#671 Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing