August 1, 2021

Special Sunday?
Call to Worship:L: Come and let us drink in this refreshing new day!
P: Yes, this new moment our Creator has freshly baked with loving kindness!
L: A day where the Bread of Life lovingly prepared the table while we slumbered!
ALL: So we may sing and praise God through every breath we breathe in God’s Holy Spirit! Amen.
Opening Hymn:64 Holy Holy Holy
Prayer for UnderstandingBread of Heaven, we join you in the present moment. We confess that our fears often cloud our judgment; our worries distract us from discernment. Help us, we pray. Deepen our awareness of your loving creative transformation all around us in this hour. Amen.
Scripture Reading:John 6:24-35
Children’s Message
Hymn:2166 Christ Beside Me
Prayers of the People
Blessing of GiftsRefreshing and rejuvenating Giver of all gifts, we offer back to you a token of our gratitude for the life of this community. May they be used to inspire hearts and awaken minds to your love. Amen.
Recessional Hymn:400 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing